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Terry Whitney – Committed to Independence township

2020 Republican Candidate for Trustee

My Mission Is to Provide  Professional & Honest Approach to our Community

My bid to run for Independence Township Trustee is not a new thought; it stems from a lifelong passion to serve others. I am a servant of the people, not a present-day politician.

Our present administration has been in power for many years and complacency has lead to stagnation.

I believe that our residents deserve a choice and a fresh set of eyes. I will be a voice for all our residents. I think we are overburdened with taxes and that there are better ways for our community to continue to prosper without tax increases. 

About Terry Whitney

Communication of the North Oakland Communications Club

8th Congressional District Board Member

IT Consultant in the Automotive Industry

Small Business Owner



This is Home

Independence Township for many is not just the place We live, its our home.  For those of us who live here. We are proud to call this town our Home. 


The first words in the US Constitution are “We the People”, this is the governing doctrine for our country and our community.  I have and always will be available to listen to your concerns, answer questions and attempt to address needed items. As We all do better as a community, when we all do better. .

Hard Working

Others have spent nearly a decade as Trustees and use the office as a stepping stone for further political gain without serving the community. Terry Whitney has and will continue to work hard for the community to better address some of the issues that face our community. 

“Its time to bring practical approach to our community”

Making our Community Great Again

Indepdence Township is more than our city, its a our HOME

(248) 722-6582

Independence Township Michigan