It is undeniable that radical jihadists are at war with America and our allies.

These enemies of freedom seek to raise the black flags of Islamic Supremacy over the entire planet.

If we are to defend liberty and justice for all in the face of global terror death cults like ISIS and state sponsors of terror like Iran, we must send leaders to Washington that are determined to prepare the homeland and our defense forces for a struggle that could literally last for decades. 

The elite establishment in Washington has gutted our military readiness. The inexcusable weakening of our military has left America vulnerable in a world that grows more and more dangerous every day.

Michigan’s defense industry has long served as a strategic backbone of America’s arsenal and tech edge on the battlefield.

As your Congressman, Terry Whitney will fight to rebuild our military might and work to expand the crucial manufacturing and advanced research facilities of Michigan’s Defense Corridor into the industrial centers of the 5th District.