healthcareHundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on the quest to create universal healthcare, yet tens of millions of Americans remain uninsured.  

The Affordable Care Act is a deeply flawed law.

Republicans and Democrats, alike, desire quality healthcare for all Americans. However, the people of Michigan’s 5th Congressional District simply cannot afford the skyrocketing monthly premiums, the painfully high cost of deductibles or the annual penalties associated with Obamacare.

Insurance companies are leaving state exchanges in a mass exodus and over half of the state co-ops have gone belly up.  Good doctors are being driven out of practice or have been forced to limit their practices due to the burdensome costs of complying with the law.

The simple reality is that the Affordable Care Act is not working as intended.  

As your Congressman, Terry Whitney will work to repeal this broken legislation and replace it with patient-centered reforms that allow individuals to own health savings accounts and purchase insurance across state lines.

Increasing competition, reducing healthcare costs, eliminating individual and employer mandates, and providing catastrophic care for those without means will be central to Terry Whitney’s efforts on Capitol Hill.

Bottom line, there are many answers and solutions to modernizing our healthcare system that do not include a government takeover of one-sixth of our economy.