Two of tpile-of-money-1he most challenging threats we face to our sovereignty, today, are homegrown.  Our national debt and uncontrolled deficit spending in Washington are strangling future growth.

We are rapidly approaching the point of no return, according to most nationally recognized economists. The fact is, once we reach $24 Trillion in debt, the dollar will collapse and we will be bankrupt as a nation.

The federal government is receiving record tax revenues, today; yet, annual spending by career politicians in Washington still outpaces what we are bringing in.

The state of Michigan experienced similar problems until we elected leaders to Lansing that were willing to make tough policy choices, stop unsustainable deficit spending, promote business growth and balance the budget. Washington should recognize the Michigan turnaround as a lesson in how to solve our national debt crisis; but, our congressman on Capitol Hill refuses to push for a positive agenda.

As your Congressman, Terry Whitney will draft and support legislation that forces Washington to live within its means. In defense of America’s sovereignty, Terry Whitney will craft and support laws that shrink the size of the federal government, eliminate job-killing regulations, and balance the budget.