immigrationAmerica’s legal immigration system is out of date and simply does not work.  America’s borders are wide open, allowing terrorists, drug cartel members, murderers, rapists and thugs to enter illegally along with those who are seeking to improve their situation through hard work. A large majority of the illegal immigrants in this country today have simply outstayed their legitimately attained visas. American cities at times disregard Federal Law and act as sanctuaries for those who have entered the country illegally.

It is certain that the Upper Midwest, especially Michigan, was largely built by enclaves of immigrants with entrepreneurial spirits; however, it cannot be denied that modern illegal immigration has cost city, county, state and federal governments as well as private companies upwards of a trillion dollars.

So, as your next representative in Washington, Terry Whitney will pursue, craft and support immigration legislation that achieves 10 primary fixes to the system wide failures, to ensure that Michigan remains a bastion of thriving legal immigrant communities:

  1. Reduce bureaucracy and enhance screening to create a legal immigration system that works effectively and efficiently.

  2. Reform the entire spectrum of visas to protect America from overstays and terror threats.

  3. Properly resource the enforcement of laws that are already on the books.

  4. Stop illegal inflows on our borders and ports with every technological means available.

  5. Pass and enforce E-Verify to remove the incentive to hire illegal migrant laborers.

  6. Strip federal funding to sanctuary cities to restore the rule of law.

  7. Revoke immediate citizenship and welfare for anchor babies.

  8. Perform a cost-benefit analysis for the nationwide deportation of 15 million illegal immigrants.

  9. Submit bills and collections notices to the native countries of imprisoned illegal immigrants to recoup costs and create partners in deportation proceedings.

  10. Deport all currently detained illegal immigrants with international cooperation.