Whitney for Michigan Senate

Terry Whitney is very aware that Legislators in Lansing no longer listen to “We the People.” How else do you explain voting that takes place directly opposed to the “Will of the People?” This is how the citizens of Michigan ended up with a punitive gasoline tax when over 80% of the residents voted against the tax hike.


Take back Lansing

Read Terry’s site, study his positions and if you believe as he does that between his impeccable honesty, core belief’s, and devotion to his state and community, then please donate to help him become your next State Senator.

Terry believes strongly that every State Senator should be held accountable to the people and should be completely transparent. That is why his door will always be open to constituents with a problem, complain or compliment. You’re always encouraged to stop in, have a cup of coffee, and tell your story to Terry.

It is time we begin returning government to “We the People!”

The Issues

Ready to make a Difference?

The simplest acts of kindness can have profound impact in the world.  Let’s change Michigan for the better.

Join Us Now!

Michigan deserves better than career Politician double-speak. Our campaign is about bringing real, conservative leadership to Lansing that’ll secure Michigan’s economic future, end wasteful spending, and protect the traditional principles and values that have made Michigan the greatest state in the nation.

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Michigan Senate District 12

Michigan’s 12th State Senate District is located in Oakland county and includes:

  • Addison Township
  • Auburn Hills city
  • Village of Beverly Hills
  • Village of Bingham Farms
  • Bloomfield Township
  • Village of Franklin
  • Independence Township
  • Keego Harbor city
  • Oakland Township
  • Orion Township
  • Oxford Township
  • Pontiac city
  • Southfield Township
  • Sylvan Lake city
  • Village of Clarkston city

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